I avoided having any kind of houseplants for the longest time. They seemed like an unnecessary extra thing to take care of and put work into. I don’t quite remember when it started or where I heard about it first, but I at some point read an article about NASA’s Clean Air study. It started my journey into the science of air quality and purification, which to this day fascinates me dearly.

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My digital workspace on the left, my artistic “analogue” one to the right.

So I decided to get a few plants given on that list. At first, just for the “purpose” of purifying my home air. But eventually, they became more than that. They are, in the end, living things, and in our modern world where so many things are artificial, having a home full of plants is a nice refuge.

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More plants! Every nook and cranny is used. Including a three-headed monkey cameo.

That didn’t stop me from being a geek about it, of course. Keeping plants became just another hobby of mine, meaning I also spend a considerable time of research on it. That is one of the reasons why I keep all of my plants in Lechuza pots. Not sponsored — sadly! They’re a brand of plant pots that use a water reservoir and a substrate of various minerals to ensure the plant gets as much water as it needs without having to pay too close attention. Fun fact — Lechuza is a subsidiary of Playmobil, a German plastic toy manufacturer. I guess if you know a thing or two about mass-producing plastic toys, making plastic plant pots is child’s play.

PXL 20230418 093954840 - Houseplants
My little indoor garden

This post is a bit different from what I usually post here, and might be a sign of more similar things to come.

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