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A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.

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Dennis Irrgang

I’ve often become discouraged when I saw other people being better at something than I am. However, I’ve come to realize that while I may not be among the best at one specific thing; I’m good enough at a plethora of other things.

I’m a generalist. This allows me to apply my knowledge from various different fields in my projects.

From Art to Engineering

A Jack of all Trades…

3D Printing & Modelling

Creation of CAD 3D models and 3D printing with filament and resin.

Network Engineering & Design

Several years of experience as a Network Consultant

Digital & Traditional Art

I enjoy art in various media and used to be a lot into photography.


Arduino, ESP32, STM32 and more. Primarily small-scale projects using various dev-boards and basic electronics knowledge.

Computer Science

Formal knowledge acquired during my studies at TUM. Some programming experience with Python, C, Java and more.


Chosen applied field during my studies at TUM. Basic engineering knowledge I try to apply in my personal projects.

Knowledge shared is knowledge squared