I’ve been spending a lot of my free time continuing to hone my artistic drawing skills with Drawabox. I’ve almost completed lesson two, and here’s my results thus far:

Thinking in 3D

The task here was to draw arrows and forms that appear to exist in a 3D space in a 2D surface.

Texture and Detail

This one was a lot of fun but also surprisingly difficult. It consists of studying textures, their depth model and its application on a 3D surface under a fixed light conditon.

First up was a texture study:

Texture Analysis Frankenstein - DAB - Lesson 2!

Followed by applying random textures to the sausages we drew in the earlier homework – that meant understanding a texture, and recreating it on a 3D surface. This one was quite tough! Word of advice: Larger textures. I tended to draw mine far too detailed, which cost a lot of time…


Next up – construction! I can almost feel it. Getting closer to the meat of the course. This one consists of plopping a bunch of 3D objects into one another, and drawing their intersection. This one was tough! I spent a lot more time thinking about the objects in space than actually drawing. Still, I think it went fairly well – most of the time!

And at last – floppy sausages!

With that I completed lesson 2 – onwards to lesson 3!

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