Sourcing “ethical” 3d printer filament

There’s an abundance of 3D printer filament manufacturers on the market. While there is a plethora of reviews and tests regarding their quality and price, far too often the circumstances under which they are made is disregarded. I was looking for filament made within countries that have acceptable human right standards and labour laws. That’s why here’s a list of 3D Printer Filament Made in the EU.

While globalization certainly has its upsides, I’ve come to try and source things I purchase from Germany (or any other country within the EU) whenever I can. This is also the case for 3D printer filament. Naturally I looked around.

I found a post by ddd-filament which lists various different manufacturers. I found the list to be very useful, and I recommend you check it out. Some manufacturers have been missing however, and they also list some manufacturers that don’t sell to end-users directly.

Why filament made in the EU?

Buying filament that has been produced in the EU means it falls under EU laws and directives. That means it should adhere to labour and environmental laws during its production. Taxes paid on the products also go back into the local economy and in turn social systems.

I strongly urge buying against filament made in China, as chances are they are made at a low price at the cost of human rights and the environment.

List of Manufacturers

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Personally I’ve purchased filament from Das Filament and material4print, and so far I’m very happy. I especially enjoy the refill option Das Filament offers, as to avoid empty rolls ending up in the trash. They also seem to enjoy a good reputation in the 3D printing community, and I’ll use them as my “bread and butter” (PLA & PETG) source in the future.

I’ve also looked for 3D printer resin manufacturers in the EU, check it out if you’re interested!

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