The market for 3D printer resin is, perhaps unsurprisingly, far smaller than the one for 3D printer filament. However, there is still a number of manufacturers that offer 3D printer resin made in the EU.

With Anycubic’s release of their new series of Photon Mono resin printers, I started looking for 3D printer resin to buy in preparation. For similar reasons as I had stated in my 3D printer filament article, I wanted to buy resin that was made within the EU. And again, despite being made in the EU and under EU law, there is a bunch of resins available that aren’t too expensive either.

Table of 3D Printer Resins

ManufacturerNamePrice (€)Amount (ml)€/LMade In
ALTLCD Resin33.1950066.38Netherlands
DruckWegeType D Flex UV DLP Resin77.99500155.98Germany
DruckWegeType D High Temp UV DLP Resin105.28500210.56Germany
DruckWegeType D Pro UV DLP Resin52.99500105.98Germany
DruckWegeType D Standard (Vorteilspaket) UV DLP Resin96.5150064.33Germany
DruckWegeType D Standard UV DLP Resin34.9650069.92Germany
DruckWegeType D Tough UV DLP Resin72.99500145.98Germany
FormfuturaEngineering Series Heavy Duty92.99500185.98Netherlands
FormfuturaEngineering Series Tough77.99500155.98Netherlands
FormfuturaPlatinum LCD Series40.8950081.78Netherlands
LiqcreateClear Impact155.991000155.99Netherlands
LiqcreateClear Impact53.99250215.96Netherlands
LiqcreateHazard Glow57.99250231.96Netherlands
LiqcreatePremium Tough/Flex/Model87.99100087.99Netherlands
LiqcreatePremium Tough/Flex/Model35.19250140.76Netherlands
LiqcreatePremium Black/White77.99100077.99Netherlands
LiqcreatePremium Black/White29.19250116.76Netherlands
LiqcreateStone Coal Black106.991000106.99Netherlands
LiqcreateStrong - X189.991000189.99Netherlands
LiqcreateStrong - X64.99250259.96Netherlands

Price per liter varies wildly, and the more exotic resins cost an arm and a leg. But the standard resins price comparably to ones made outside the EU.

My printer hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t make any recommendations regarding the quality. However, I’ll probably get the value pack by DruckWege and see how it goes.

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