The market for 3D printer resin is, perhaps unsurprisingly, far smaller than the one for 3D printer filament. However, there are still several manufacturers that offer 3D printer resin made in the EU.

With Anycubic’s release of their new series of Photon Mono resin printers, I started looking for 3D printer resin to buy in preparation. For similar reasons as I had stated in my 3D printer filament article, I wanted to buy resin that was made within the EU. And again, despite being made in the EU and under EU law, there are a bunch of resins available that aren’t too expensive either.

Table of 3D Printer Resins

[table id=4 /]

The price per litre varies wildly, and the more exotic resins cost an arm and a leg. But the standard resins price comparably to ones made outside the EU.

My printer hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t make any recommendations regarding the quality. However, I’ll probably get the value pack by DruckWege and see how it goes.

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